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Richard was in London on business having dinner by himself at one of the restaurants in The Ned Hotel where he was staying. Osky was finishing up one of his business dinners in one of the hotel bars.  All evening they both were glancing at each other.  Osky introduced himself to Richard and their attraction was immediate.  After a few drinks Richard asked Osky if he would like to have a night cap in his room upstairs (hey you can’t blame a guy for trying), but Osky, being the gentleman he is, declined.  They exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in contact.  Richard however was leaving for Italy the next morning.  Richard was bummed and thought that was the end of that, because he really liked this guy.  Osky had another idea.  When Richard landed in Italy his phone immediately rang, it was Osky asking how the fight was.

They continued to talk every day over the next three weeks on the phone.  Richard was heading back to Europe and would be in London.  Finally, they would meet again and Osky invited Richard to stay at his flat.  Richard, at first apprehensive, accepted and they had a magical week. Richard was back in London three weeks later.  Then the inevitable happened…COVID 19.  


Osky, being the consummate organizer, had made plans for the coming months but all that had to be put on hold, then delayed, then finally cancelled.  But their love continued to grow with multiple phone calls every day.  Richard telling Osky “to not give up on us.”  Three months go by, and they continued to talk every day over the phone, WhatsApp, text, email and every communication method possible.  They promised each other, “whose ever country opens up first one of us will get on a plane.”  Finally, Richard got on a plane to London to be with Osky.  What was supposed to be one month ended up being two months.  The two of them have not been apart for more than three weeks since and continue to talk multiple times a day.  COVID-19 sucks, but if there’s a silver lining to the pandemic it’s the time it gave Richard and Osky to be together that in their normal life’s would not have been possible. 


The following year has been split between London and Fort Lauderdale, with side trips to Croatia, Colombia, Arizona, New York City and finally Key West, Florida where on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2021 Richard asked Osky, his best friend, soul mate and the love of his life if he was serious about “wanting to marry me.”  Osky said yes!  And so here we are about to celebrate our Wedding Day with our family and friends in one of Osky’s favorite places in the world – Mallorca, Spain.


Richard  & Osky's  Wedding

Come Celebrate Our Big Day



Richard & Osky's Wedding

Richard & Osky
Richard & Osky
May 29, 2022, 5:00 PM
Mhares Sea Club,
Carrer de l'Oronella, s/n, 07609, Majorca, Spain







Mallorca, Spain is in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of mainland Spain.  Mallorca is a major international destination with a state-of-the-art airport.  Mallorca is six (6) hours ahead of the United States EST and one (1) hour ahead of the United Kingdom.

Airport:            Mallorca de Palma, Spain          Code:    PMI

Flights to Mallorca are available from most major European airports but the easiests are Madrid (MAD) and Barcelona (BCN), Spain.

Getting There


We have negotiated rates with 4 different hotels in Palma, Mallorca.  The below links will take you directly to their sights where you can book directly with the hotel.  The links will give you the Richard and Osky Wedding rate.

Melia Palma Marina: Discount included in the dedicated website

Can Bordoy - Promo Code: Osky

Hotel Cappuccino - Promo Code: AMBROSEYPADILLA

Hotel Valldemossa- Promo Code :  ORWEDDING




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